Log Line, A king is groomed from birth to defeat a demon threatening humanity, but in order to defeat this demon he will have to be willing to sacrifice those he loves most or leave his destiny unfulfilled.

What would it be like to be able to visit a completely new world? And what if this new world has leaned to use biology and nature as we have with technology? What if when you went to an airport you got into a cabin lager than the inside of a 747 airplane, roomier and even more modern looking, but it was attached to a massive hawk like bird, instead of metal wings and jet engines, feathers with the rhythmic sound of a heart beat. Imagine if you can hundreds of these birds flying in and out of their launch pads as there are planes coming and going from a large airport.

To be able to visit cities that would rival even that of our greatest ones, maintained and run by the use of natural power where fire fly lamps light these massive places?

What if you cold look into a sky with the most breathtaking moons, and planets ever seen?

What would it be like to be able to use your emotions as real power? Imagine having the ability to actually be able to harness all your love to heal someone of a physical injury, or disease, or summon a deep feeling of hate that instantly brought down your enemies with fire from the sky. And what if during all this you where witness to one of the most epic battles between good and evil?

If you can imagine all that you are getting close to a small part of what is awaiting you in this epic saga of Emanation.




Jonathan Moch


Jonathan Moch

"The accumulation of knowledge is wisdom. The application of wisdom is power." w better than we do."



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